How to Integrate Security in Your DevOps Environment

Application security has two challenges: Keeping pace with the evolution and sophistication of attacks, and keeping pace with the speed of modern application development…DevOps. Since most breaches start with the application, we cannot ignore the requirement of implementing security controls. But we also need to address the issue of security being too late in the process to be effective.

In this webinar, you’ll learn how F5 Advanced WAF:

  • Defends web and mobile apps against a range of application attacks such as man-in-the-browser, DoS, credential stuffing, and many more
  • Identifies and stops malicious bots that help attackers automate their attacks
  • Helps security “shift left” by integrating into application development CI/CD pipelines


Peter Silva

Peter Silva

Sr. Solutions Marketing Manager - Security

Nathan McKay

Nathan McKay

Sr. Product Marketing Manager - Security

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