Maxim’s Group Automates Security with F5 to Fuel Growth

For more than five decades, Maxim’s Group has been synonymous with delectable and evolving dining experiences. With a presence stretching from Hong Kong to China and across Southeast Asia, the company has become a culinary icon.

Business Challenge

In a hyper-connected world of modern retail, robust cybersecurity is the difference between thriving and diving. While cutting edge technology offers powerful safeguards, navigating the complex online network is like solving a giant puzzle—really hard!

Such was the challenge faced by Maxim’s Group. Founded in 1956, Hong Kong-based Maxim’s navigates the intricate digital networking and security challenges of its sprawling business empire, which includes more than 2,000 stores. The company leverages multiple public clouds to manage risks in the ever-connected landscape of modern retail.

In this complex environment, Maxim’s relied on manual configurations for web application and API protection (WAAP). The process was prone to errors, leaving critical vulnerabilities exposed and posing a serious threat to the security of the company’s digital infrastructure. Additionally, an impending digital boom demanded a flexible, highly scalable security infrastructure.


The implementation of distributed, centrally controlled security regions emerged as a transformative solution for Maxim’s. The company deployed F5 Distributed Cloud Services to implement this security. This cloud-native approach played a pivotal role in unifying WAAP policies across diverse hybrid app environments, encompassing on-premises, public cloud, and edge locations.

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Improve security with centralized management

F5 Distributed Cloud Services' advanced threat detection and mitigation capabilities significantly elevate Maxim’s security posture, safeguarding valuable customer data and applications.

In addition, centralized management allows Maxim’s to focus on a unified platform while enabling consistent security policy enforcement as well as the deployment everywhere of an advanced set of common protection capabilities. This enhances the company’s ability to effectively detect and respond to threats and attacks. The resulting consistency and enhanced network and app visibility reduced their security risks.

Enhance operational efficiency

The streamlined management processes also facilitate operational efficiency and reduces administrative overhead. This is achieved through simplified configuration, monitoring, and maintenance of security controls as well as streamlined compliance efforts.

Centralization also consolidates logs and alerts in one location, which speeds incident response. Ultimately the solution minimizes the impact of security incidents and reduces downtime for Maxim's extensive digital infrastructure.

Gain cloud-native scalability

F5 Distributed Cloud Services' cloud-native design effortlessly accommodates Maxim’s rapid growth, ensuring uninterrupted security as the company migrates more subsidiaries and joint ventures to the cloud.

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  • Improve security with centralized management
  • Enhance operational efficiency
  • Gain cloud-native scalability

  • Management of a complex multi-cloud architecture
  • Manual security configuration
  • The ability to scale for future growth