Spark New Sales with Azure Application Security and F5 Multiparty Offers

Tim Dorscht サムネール
Tim Dorscht
Published May 08, 2024

The Azure Marketplace is the shopping center of choice for many of today’s tech buyers. It’s where they discover, try, and transact on digital services. But it's more than just a marketplace; it's a gateway for F5 technology partners to broaden their horizons and fire up sales growth. Now, with Microsoft multiparty private offers (MPO) in the Azure Marketplace, authorized F5 UNITY+ partners can sell F5 solutions that fortify application protection and meet unique customer demands.

Meet customers where they want to buy

Businesses, large and small, are turning to F5 to improve how they connect, protect, and deploy their critical applications. For Microsoft-centric customers, the Azure Marketplace provides a streamlined experience to purchase and manage the F5 portfolio of security solutions, including F5 Distributed Cloud ServicesF5 BIG-IP, and F5 NGINX. In fact, it’s often the preferred method to consume digital services for organizations running Microsoft cloud environments.

But it’s not just customers who benefit. While the Azure Marketplace offers a simplified and predictable experience for businesses to consume technology, MPOs empower F5 technology partners to expand their reach, differentiate their services, and provide faster time to value through a well-known route to market.

Here's how...

Build unique offers:

MPOs enable F5 UNITY+ partners to create personalized customer offers directly through the Azure Marketplace. This includes extending deal-specific pricing, subscription durations, user terms, discounts, and more. Partners create differentiated offerings that combine F5 leading application protection with complementary third-party solutions. As a result, F5 partners can optimize app security of Azure, cloud, and other applications while satisfying specific customer needs.

Simplify transactions:

A major benefit of the Azure Marketplace is simplified transaction processes for businesses. It provides a streamlined buying experience for all Azure-related services, regardless of vendor. Billing and payment processes are standardized, and operational overhead is drastically reduced by consolidating solution management and oversight into a central location. Through this new offering, customers can transact on MPO solutions like other Microsoft-centric services. This frees partners to own and maintain contractual relationships with customers without needing to manage the procurement or billing processes—resulting in accelerated deal cycles and hands-free auto-renewals to close business faster and keep it going longer.

Satisfy MACC agreements:

Many organizations running Azure hold Microsoft-specific cloud budgets and spending requirements. Since F5 solutions are Microsoft Azure Consumption Commitment (MACC)-eligible, every dollar transacted on F5 services counts toward a customer’s contractual spend with Microsoft. So, customers will be highly motivated to purchase F5 solutions through the Azure Marketplace, creating a win-win scenario. Businesses can improve their security postures while contributing toward Microsoft-committed cloud spend, and F5 partners can unlock allocated, captive, or at-risk budgets exclusively reserved for Azure-based services.

Accelerate your business with F5 and Azure

In short, MPOs empower F5 and its partners to construct custom Azure deals that provide a unified, simplified, and streamlined experience for customers. F5 UNITY+ partners can deliver tailored security offers and terms that improve application protections and meet customers where they are—while standardizing sales and accelerating sales cycles.

For more information on specific F5 services on Azure including geographic availability, visit or to get involved with the F5 MPOs, please visit Partner Central.