Volterra’s Next Chapter: Joining F5 for Edge 2.0

Ankur Singla サムネール
Ankur Singla
Published January 07, 2021

As Dr Kalam so eloquently said — “DREAM is not what you see in sleep, DREAM is something which doesn’t let you sleep”.


This is the sentiment that got us started and has kept the entire Volterra team powering through the last three years — the DREAM of making infrastructure invisible while improving performance and security of the apps that help us work and play!

In order to further this dream, I’m excited to announce an important step in our journey. F5 has announced today that they will be acquiring Volterra and our ability to deliver the world’s most advanced edge-as-a-service platform and accelerating the creation of Edge 2.0.

The need to deliver rich digital experiences has meant that more and more of our customers are asking for expanded security and reliability features that are seamlessly integrated across their clouds and edge deployments. As part of F5, we will have access to industry-leading app security capabilities to augment our unique SaaS-based networking, security and app management platform. We also get immediate access to a top-tier go-to-market team that has the deep industry experience in the app delivery and security market.

When we started Volterra, multi-cloud and edge were still buzzwords and venture funding was still searching for tangible use cases. Fast forward three years and COVID-19 has dramatically changed the landscape — it has accelerated digitization of physical experiences and moved more of our day-to-day activities online. This is causing massive spikes in global Internet traffic while creating new attack vectors that impact the security and availability of our increasing set of daily apps.

Volterra delivers a broad set of performance and security capabilities to address these challenges. We help our customers adopt multiple cloud providers to achieve scale + reliability while improving uptime by enforcing advanced security at the edge of the network.

With F5, we will extend these customer benefits in a multitude of ways. We will be able to further improve app security by integrating Shape, the world’s most advanced anti-fraud and bot detection technology, into our VoltMesh service. By combining F5’s Aspen Mesh solution with our VoltStack service, we will help customers scale their apps with a simple-to-operate global app delivery network (ADN) and service mesh. Our ADN will be able to simplify the deployment of BIG-IP across multi-cloud environments. And, as part of F5, the reach of VoltStack + VoltMesh will scale to millions of developers and DevOps engineers — all of which are active NGINX users.

Volterra’s SaaS platform, with its unparalleled user experience and a global 10Tbps+ ADN has the potential to become the next-generation edge platform for the multi-cloud world. The combined portfolio of services will run on any infrastructure component that powers your app — in multi-cloud, the edge or your data center. Get ready for this brave new world, the Edge 2.0!


To our wonderful customers and ecosystem partners — I would like to thank you all for putting your trust and confidence in us, especially during the challenges of COVID-19. You are very much the reason for our success and we look forward to our continued partnership to deliver more groundbreaking innovation to the market!

To the Volterra team — I am in awe of your ability to deliver amazing results and would like to thank each one of you for your dedication and hard work. Everything is achievable and no challenge is insurmountable for our team. I look forward to continuing my work as your servant leader!

A heartfelt thanks to our investors — Navin from Mayfield, Vinod from Khosla Ventures, Raymond + Patrick from Samsung Next, and Nagraj from Microsoft M12. Your belief, guidance and continued support helped us achieve greater heights!

We look forward to bringing more innovation and value to our greatly expanded family of customers, and the industry at large, over the coming months and years...the DREAM moves onward!!