Choices that scale—evaluating tech in a time of rapid change


Getting your apps from code to customer, from development to delivery, has never been more complex. And the pressure to get to market faster intensifies every day. So how do you evaluate solutions to make sure you’re effectively meeting immediate needs and addressing long-term business outcomes?

In this webinar, a team of F5 solution architects and evangelists explore how and why decision making around technology and solutions is evolving.

We'll cover:

  • What’s changed about how organizations make technology solution choices?
  • Criteria you can use to minimize operational risk.
  • Conversations that need to happen between teams when evaluating solutions.
  • How systems, table stakes, and baselines should figure into your decision making.
  • How to make sure the tech choices you make scale.



Tim Wagner
Principal Cloud Evangelist


Yossi Rosenboim
Sr. System Engineer


Jon Calalang
Sr. Specialist System Engineer


Heath Parrot
Sr. Solution Architect


Teri Patrick
Sr. Solutions Marketing Manager

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