Get Hands-On with NGINX and QUIC+HTTP/3


The QUIC and HTTP/3 protocols represent a big change to the mechanics of delivering web applications. QUIC offers significant performance and reliability improvements and has been adopted by some of the busiest services on the Internet. In this 100% pun‑free webinar, we teach you the why, what, and how of QUIC. Then in a hands‑on lab you install and configure NGINX to deliver web traffic over both QUIC+HTTP/3 and TCP+TLS+HTTP/1+2.

In this webinar, we’ll cover:

Why QUIC+HTTP/3 was developed

What’s different about QUIC+HTTP/3

How QUIC improves web application performance

How to install and configure NGINX to handle QUIC+HTTP/3 traffic


Robert Haynes

Robert Haynes
Technical Marketing Manager