High-Performance Web Application Firewall Testing


Application and API security has evolved dramatically over the past few years. IT departments need granular control over the entire application ecosystem to prevent security breaches and attacks. While security is of utmost importance, the pace of modern business demands high performance. A WAF cannot be a performance bottleneck. 

In this GigaOm webinar, analyst Jake Dolezal presents the results of high-performance testing on four WAFs: NGINX App Protect WAF, AWS WAF, Azure WAF, and Cloudflare WAF. Learn how NGINX App Protect WAF outperformed the competition. With app and API security tuned for low latency, high performance, and low compute usage, NGINX App Protect WAF enables your organization to reduce costs while accelerating innovation.

In this webinar, we’ll cover:

How NGINX App Protect WAF outperforms other WAFs, delivering up to 120x lower latency

Why high performance and low latency are critical when choosing an API security solution

About our testing methodology and how you can reproduce the tests  

How NGINX App Protect WAF beat the competition in delivering the highest throughput with 100% success at 19,000 RPS and less than 30 ms maximum latency


Jake Dolezal

Jake Dolezal
Contributing Analyst, GigaOm