How to Uncover Attacks Hiding in Encryption


With close to 90% of the Internet encrypted and 68% of malware hiding in SSL/TLS web traffic, you may never see the threats lurking in your network. Many of the security inspection tools available today either fail to decrypt that traffic or they introduce latency and complexity, reducing security and scalability.

Any serious malware threat will try to disguise itself as legitimate SSL/TLS traffic. So how can you see what you’re missing? 

Join this webinar and discover how to:

  • Intelligently decrypt SSL/TLS traffic and orchestrate your security inspection tools.
  • Protect SaaS applications, like Office 365, from malware and other threats.
  • Centralize decryption and re-encryption to increase the lifespan of your existing security devices.


Peter Silva

Peter Silva

Senior Security Solutions Marketing Manager

Kevin Stewart

Kevin Stewart

Security Solution Architect

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