What is Web3 and How to Build a Dapp?

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The web3 ecosystem is growing, and recent innovations in blockchain technology have shown that these frameworks are here to stay. But what exactly is web3 and how does it differ from web2? What does web3 promise for the developers and their users?

In this talk, we will dive into all those topics and even give a quick demonstration of how you can quickly spin up your own private blockchain and get started programming on Ethereum using an open source tool called Scaffold-ETH.

In this webinar, we’ll cover:

    The web3 ecosystem as it stands today

    The difference between web2 and web3

    How to quickly spin up a web3 development environment


    How to write and deploy a smart contract on the Ethereum blockchain



Kevin Jones
Sr Product Management

Buu Lam
Community Evangelist
F5 DevCentral