F5 Zero Trust Panel Discussion

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Zero Trust is a complex concept that unifies many different facets of cybersecurity. Even the most seasoned cybersecurity professionals can be overwhelmed by their first attempts at taking on Zero Trust architectures. Join F5 for the discussion on Zero Trust you've been waiting for. F5 is bringing together two of the most respected names in the field of Zero Trust Architecture: Scott Rose (NIST) and Gerald Caron (State Department). Joining them will be Jason Wilburn, F5’s most knowledgeable Zero Trust engineer; Ryan Johnson, federal solutions engineering manager at F5; and Brandon Iske, chief engineer, security enablers (PKI, ICAM, ZTA, SDE) at the Defense Information Systems Agency (DISA).

What you will learn:

Understand what Zero Trust principles do for cybersecurity posture and how NIST 800-207 can help agencies decide how Zero Trust applies to their IT profile.

Learn the pros and cons of different Zero Trust designs and explore how other federal initiatives such as Cloud Smart, TIC 3.0, and CDM benefit and integrate with various Zero Trust designs.