F5 Per-App VE 'individualizes' traffic management and WAF services for faster app development

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Edward O'Connell
Published February 01, 2018

Businesses are accelerating their digital transformations to increase revenue, reduce operational costs, and better compete in crowded markets. Digital transformation is driven by the internal development of applications that create valuable interactions between internal operations, customers, and third-party vendors. But this rapid, iterative business application development requires flexibility in creating applications and getting them into production.

The challenge for network operations teams is to work with application developers to deliver new applications into production but do so without ‘re-inventing’ existing services and standardization. This means working with application developers to standardize on a core set of application services and security that bridge the gap between application development and production.

To help ease this creation of a secure, scalable, and repeatable architecture, F5 is excited to announce the availability of its Per-App Virtual Edition (VE), a new single application version of BIG-IP Virtual Edition. BIG-IP Per-App VE comes in two flavors – local traffic management (LTM) and web application firewall (WAF) services.

Both Per-App VE LTM and WAF services are designed to be quickly utilized by application developers to enable deployments and protection of applications through a multitude of iterations. Per-App VE WAF services provide automated policy building and protection against bots, enables application developers to focus on developing apps without having to become experts in security or compliance.

Through extensive engineering effort, the image sized for Per-App VE for LTM and WAF services are 40% smaller which reduces both cloud operating costs and spin-up time (53% for LTM and 41% for WAF). Additional alignment to operational budgets is had with a 73% reduction in price for LTM and WAF services for perpetual licenses.  

For those application development groups who are budgeted on a yearly or project basis, F5 provides further flexibility with the new F5 Virtual Edition Subscription Offer and F5 Virtual Edition Enterprise License Agreement (ELA) purchase options. VE Subscription and VE ELA enables customers to buy 1, 2 or 3-year agreements for Per-App VEs or standard BIG-IP VEs. Premium level support and maintenance is incorporated into a single price for Per-App VE to simplify purchasing and ensure access to technical support and software updates.

VE Subscription is ideal for groups that want to buy Per-App VE (or BIG-IP VEs) as needed. VE ELA is targeted for volume usage within large IT groups or enterprise accounts. VE ELA enables a completely fungible infrastructure for agile speed and fast, continual resource re-alignment. Both VE Subscription and VE ELA utilize BIG-IQ (v5.2 and later) to provide self-license management and visibility over usage.

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