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Line2 Gains Visibility into Attacks with Silverline DDoS Protection

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Guest post from F5 Silverline customer Jennifer Cohen, Director of Operations, Line2

As the Director of Operations at Line2, a cloud phone service designed for small businesses, my job is to ensure that our network and day-to-day operations function in a seamless and reliable manner. This includes partnering with the right vendors to achieve that continuity of service. Using the right DDoS solution provider is critical to our business. After experiencing a heavy DDoS attack last year, I began researching a new solution to protect our network and our customers from that type of threat in the future.

My primary requirement for a DDoS mitigation vendor is access to a detailed customer portal to give us granular visibility into both the details of the attack—including type, size, IP origin, and attack vectors—and any actions taken to mitigate it. This feature was missing from the previous vendor, but we found that the F5 Security Operations Center (SOC) more than met this requirement. In addition to its excellent customer portal, Silverline DDoS Protection further distinguished itself by providing post-attack reports so that we can assess attack patterns that might emerge over time.

Since selecting Silverline, I’ve also been impressed with the level of expertise displayed by the SOC’s support team. They were timely, knowledgeable, and cooperative during the implementation. With our previous vendor, we encountered a troubling lack of cooperation between their internal network and security teams. That’s not our experience with Silverline, where we’ve found the team knowledgeable across groups and very responsive to questions or concerns. The experts at the SOC are available to the Line2 team 24/7.

Most importantly, we consider Silverline a trusted business partner, committed to Line2’s success. Our customers are small businesses for whom phone and text communications are mission critical. Uptime and reliability are paramount to Line2’s success. Silverline understands this mission and is prepared to go above and beyond to ensure that Line2 delivers the highest quality and most reliable network possible.

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