F5 Achieves AWS Networking Competency

F5 サムネール
Published December 06, 2017

In October, F5 announced it had achieved the AWS Security Competency designation by providing evidence that F5’s Web Application Firewall (BIG-IP VE ASM), is a proven cloud security solution. This solution secures applications against L7 DDoS attacks, malicious bot traffic, application vulnerabilities, and all OWASP top 10 threats, while leveraging automated learning capabilities to prevent even the most sophisticated of attacks from reaching customer servers.

F5 is now excited to announce it has received AWS’ new Networking Competency accolade. The BIG-IP Virtual Edition (VE) - the industry-leading application delivery and security services platform – showcased its ability to ensure performance, availability, and security for business-critical applications hosted within the AWS cloud. The BIG-IP VE enables intelligent L4-L7 load balancing and traffic management, simplified application access as well as robust network and web application firewalling capabilities. In addition, deep integration with AWS enables F5 to offer auto scaling of its application services via the AWS Cloud Formation Template service, whereby BIG-IP VE’s with the Local Traffic Manager (LTM) and Application Security Manager (ASM) module provisioned can be horizontally scaled to match variations in traffic levels while optimizing operational expenditure. The topology of this solution is shown below in figure 1.

Figure 1 – F5 Auto Scaling BIG-IP LTM Solution for AWS

According to AWS, “The AWS Competency Program is designed to highlight AWS Partners who have demonstrated technical proficiency and proven customer success in specialized solution areas. Attaining an AWS Competency allows partners to differentiate themselves to customers by showcasing expertise in a specific solution area.”

Networking Competency Partners provide network solutions that assist enterprises in adopting, developing, and deploying their networks in AWS, while providing a set of specialized solutions for making connectivity easier and extending customer capabilities. Extensive working knowledge architecting networking solutions and applications leveraging AWS services is mandatory.

AWS Partner badge

By obtaining both the Security and Networking Competency certifications from AWS, F5 has truly set itself apart as a one-stop shop for customers migrating their workloads and applications to AWS. Customers can confidently deploy F5 on AWS and provide the necessary layer of security while also providing intelligent traffic management.

See the Networking and Security Competency page on AWS at:

For more information on F5’s BIG-IP VE solution for AWS, you can check it out on the AWS Marketplace here.