Application-Layer Security


Protecting at Every Layer

As advanced persistent threats (APTs) and distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) attacks increase in volume and sophistication, attacks have become multi-layered, targeting various network elements, DNS infrastructure, and web-based applications — sometimes all at the same time. Advanced attacks now aim past the networks, past the data center perimeters, and directly at the applications. This can disrupt service provider hosted web applications, customer billing and provisioning systems, customer service applications, and other hosted applications. A secure service provider network design requires protection at every layer.


A Complete Application-Layer Firewall

F5 provides the most agile and scalable web application firewall (WAF) available. F5 Application Security Manager (ASM) leverages F5’s deep application experience and fluency to detect and mitigate HTTP-based attacks. It protects vital applications with comprehensive, policy-based web application security that blocks attacks and secures data center applications against threats and zero-day attacks. With industry-leading layer-7 DDoS defenses and SIP DoS protection, the solution detects, mitigates, and enables granular visibility into attacks while scaling to ensure maximum performance.

Why F5?

Comprehensive, App-Centric Policies

Leverage policies for application health monitoring along with web application protection, access controls, and application acceleration.

Broad SSL Protection

Get complete SSL protection with SSL inspection, SSL DDoS mitigation, SSL offload protection, and SSL remote access.

Lower TCO

Consolidate security functions with other L4-L7 services to achieve operational efficiencies, improve performance, and reduce TCO.


From start to finish, we’ve got you covered.

F5 provides consulting services to support customers throughout the product lifecycle. Starting with expert support planning and architecting solutions, through implementation and optimization services, F5 is there to help our customers every step of the way.