Articles by Benjamin Schilz

Benjamin Schilz is VP of Infrastructure at Volterra. He is responsible for the operation of the company’s global resources and network. Benjamin has been an Internet entrepreneur for over 15 years, building multiple companies and sets of innovation in the fields of security and networking. He co-founded Acorus Network to provide secure connectivity and denial of service (DDoS) protection to enterprise and Internet companies across Europe. He served as its CEO. Previously, he founded his first company, Easy-Hebergement, in 2003 while still in college. He grew it to 7,000 clients and more than 17,000 hosted sites before merging it into the Mediactive Group. Benjamin has a Bachelors from Telecom Lille.

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Published: Oct 29, 2020
Today we are very happy to announce that Volterra is able to serve its customers with PCI DSS Level 1 compliant services. Our entire team has achieved a tremendous amount of work over the past few months to deliver this capability.