Articles by Frank Strobel

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Published: Feb 15, 2022
F5 Distributed Cloud Web Application and API Protection(WAAP)の提供開始は、当社のパートナーエコシステムと共同顧客にとって大きなチャンスとなります。この新しいSaaSサービスは、アプリケーションセキュリティ最新の進化を象徴するものであり、セキュリティと価値を最大限に高めるために当社パートナーと連携する場合も含め、お客様のエンタープライズ アプリケーションを保護するという当社のコミットメントを広げるものです。
Published: Jul 1, 2020
If you’re a Fastly CDN user, Shape’s industry-leading log analysis capabilities are just a flip of the switch away. There is zero impact on production traffic, so there is no risk of negative consequences—just straight up information gathering.
Published: Apr 21, 2020
The modern-day network is often made up of an on-premises data center as well as SDNs and public clouds. In such heterogeneous environments, it’s all too easy for the rules and objects associated with the devices that make up the network to proliferate, adding complexity and risk. To help address this, AlgoSec has worked closely with F5 to extend rich visibility and orchestration capabilities across the entire multi-vendor network security fabric.
Published: Oct 10, 2019
Today, "machine" also includes code running independently on devices, APIs, containers, serverless architectures, and of course VMs. Because they are software-defined, these machine types are easily created, changed, and destroyed throughout the day, every day, making software-defined machines an important part of the app development workflow.
Published: May 17, 2019
There’s nothing like a large conference or event to really show you how new technologies and solutions are impacting the real world. And often, the most meaningful interactions are not with vendors or sponsors, but with the attendees—the people responsible for implementing all the exciting new tools that the rest of us work so hard to develop.
Published: Dec 11, 2018
With “machine identities,” we’re simply talking about how to ensure that an automated process can identify itself, and how other automated systems and processes grant the appropriate level of access to relevant resources. This concept is not new. What is relatively new is the scale at which it needs to be implemented.
Published: Aug 13, 2018
One of the interesting things about the cyber security industry is the degree to which vendors essentially wind up on the same side.
Published: Jul 25, 2018
Frank Strobel highlights the role of F5's partner ecosystem in strengthening security, increasing scale and availability, and reducing operational costs.
Published: Mar 9, 2018
With F5 BIG-IP virtual editions, IoT-focused organizations can seamlessly deploy in public or multi-cloud environments with maximum flexibility.
Published: Nov 24, 2015
F5 and VMware are partnering to support you—our customers—by integrating our technologies, products, and services to meet your business needs from the data center to the cloud. We have done so for close to 10 years—an eternity in the high-tech industry.
Published: Oct 10, 2015
Welcome to the second post in my series about the emerging partnership between F5 and one of the leaders in the hyper-converged infrastructure market, Nutanix. Last month, I discussed how this collaboration helps you enjoy all the benefits of...