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岐阜県を拠点とする日本のインターネットサービス会社のF5 Distributed Cloud DNS導入事例です。導入時に求められた同社ならではの要件、機能と期待される効果について、ミライコミュニケーションネットワーク技術部 加納由基氏、田中温子氏に伺いました。

FNZ Opens Up Wealth Together with F5

Read how FNZ widens the availability of advanced wealth management services by accelerating app delivery and securing apps and APIs with F5 Distributed Cloud Services.

Cloudflare Boosts Performance and Stability for Its Millions of Websites with NGINX

Cloudflare offers a security-focused content distribution network (CDN) that can mitigate DDOS attacks, handle DNS, and function as a reverse proxy for high-traffic websites. NGINX ensures that Cloudflare’s 24/7 cloud-based services never go offline and can accommodate huge amounts of secure traffic in a synchronized, global fashion.

Fannie Mae Provides Lenders Reliable Mortgage Financing with F5 as a Valued Partner

Fannie Mae’s multi-faceted approach to app security—including a variety of F5 solutions—delivers nightmare-free sleep for its home mortgage lending customers and IT teams alike.

Distributed Cloud Services Painlessly Upgrade Security for F5.com

Like many of its customers, F5 needed to replace the F5 Silverline security solution protecting its own global websites but nearing its end-of-life date. Focused planning and excellent technical support ensured a smooth transition for F5.com while enhancing protection, increasing visibility, and paving the way for cost-saving consolidation of tools.

Grupo Élève Passes Security Test with Ease

Based in Paraguay, Grupo Élève recently expanded its learning platforms to Brazil and the United States. By deploying F5 Distributed Cloud Services the educational organization successfully eliminated the number of security incidents to zero and reduced system administration by 90%.

Ailos Cooperative Fortifies App and API Security with F5

Ailos Cooperative is a Brazilian organization that comprises 13 credit cooperatives boasting assets worth BRL 21 billion (USD $4.3 billion) and facilitating credit operations totaling BRL 14.6 billion (USD $2.92 billion). Leveraging F5 Distributed Cloud Services, the company safeguards 200 applications and numerous APIs integral to its business transactions.

Vodafone Idea Unmasks SSL/TLS Security Threats with F5 Technology

Read how Indian telecom giant Vodafone Idea (Vi) decrypted SSL/TLS traffic and fortified their overall cybersecurity with F5 BIG-IP SSL Orchestrator

Sentient.io Democratizes AI with F5 Distributed Cloud Services

AI and data platform provider Sentient.io empowers real-time AI processing at the edge with help from F5 Distributed Cloud Services

Maxim’s Group Automates Security with F5 to Fuel Growth

Read how Maxim’s Group improved its multi-cloud cybersecurity, increased scalability, and enhanced operational efficiency with F5 Distributed Cloud WAAP.