Articles by Filip Pytloun

Filip is Software Engineer at Volterra. His area of interest is CI/CD, deployment, automation, logging and monitoring. He has deep knowledge of deployment automation and configuration management and over 10 years of experience gained by working in startups like tcpcloud (which was acquired by Mirantis) where he was Cloud Architect and one of core members. Before tcpcloud, he was working 3 years at GoodData as Operations Engineer, Operations Team Lead and Software Architect.

In free time Filip is playing with IoT for home automation, gardening (both automated indoor hydroponics and old-school gardening), 3D printing and other fun stuff.

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Published: Sep 21, 2020
Early this year, our team was asked to augment our existing security tools and software dev+test practices for PCI-DSS and SOC-2 compliance. One of the key areas we had to augment was vulnerability scanning for our K8s-based microservices and a couple of monolithic services.