Web Application and API Protection Solutions

Digital risk and complexity are unprecedented, but you don’t have to choose between security and speed F5 can help.

Get App Security Without Compromise

Attackers follow the money. In a digital economy, this means targeting web apps and APIs to exploit vulnerabilities, abuse business logic, and bypass access controls—leading to data breach, account takeover, and downtime that can devastate your business. In order to effectively mitigate these attacks, you need comprehensive, consistent security that protects your entire digital business—from code to runtime.

F5 solutions run anywhere and protect apps and APIs everywhere—in the data center, across clouds, at the edge, behind your mobile apps, within your third-party integrations—continuously defending the digital endpoints that drive business, so that your customers can deliver great experiences every time.

Continuous Defense

F5 mitigates risk and improves digital resiliency by continuously defending critical business logic behind apps and APIs.

Consistent Security

F5 dramatically simplifies operations to reduce tool sprawl and complexity by providing end-to-end observability and uniformly protecting the entire digital fabric.

Confident Innovation

F5 solutions allow customers to grow with confidence by aligning security to digital strategy and removing the burden of manual policy tuning and remediation fire drills that distract your teams from their core mission.

API Protection

F5 secures your APIs across a complex hybrid and multi-cloud fabric with F5® Distributed Cloud WAAP—reducing risk and complexity while improving operational efficiencies—so you maintain visibility and control across your entire digital ecosystem.

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Diagram - Mitigate Bots and Abuse

Mitigate Bots and Abuse

Just as enterprises embrace automation to gain process efficiencies, attackers leverage bots and automation to scale their attacks, bypass security countermeasures, and take over customer accounts.

F5 solutions employ  durable telemetry, actionable insights, and human powered AI to maintain resilience and adapt to attacker retooling —ensuring business and customer success.

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Diagram - Protect against DDoS attacks

Protect Against DDoS Attacks

Organizations of all sizes run the risk of being hit with denial-of-service attacks. The common goal of these attacks is to disrupt performance and availability, but the attacks themselves vary. F5 solutions connect into any architecture to combat blended, multi-vector DoS and DDoS attacks in the deployment model that makes sense for your business.

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