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F5 Professional Certification validates your expertise in manipulating the entire application stack—from traditional network knowledge all the way to advanced application-layer understanding, with the ability to integrate those two worlds.

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F5 Certified exams are developed to deliver consistently reproducible results that guarantee excellence in those who achieve certification. F5 Certification is a differentiator for you in your career and it's a competitive advantage for your employer.



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I think what intrigues me the most is that the exam covers so much material that is important for engineers to know in the real world, not only within the framework of F5 devices, but concepts that are applicable in many aspects of the job. I like the movement away from the class/book/cert setup. I see it being a much more effective way to learn.


The F5 Certified™ Professionals program helps you develop career-advancing technical skills and extensive knowledge of F5 products and solutions, including options emphasizing Administration, Sales, Product Specializations, and Solutions including Cloud and Security. The program is progressive, with higher level certifications building on the skills and knowledge demonstrated in previous certifications.

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Visit the Candidate Portal and follow the steps to get registered. If you need more specific information on the program before registering, review the Policies and Program Details.


Use the exam blueprints and study guides to prepare for your exam. These can all be found on on the appropriate exam pages. F5 training courses can also be helpful in exam prep.


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These new [exams] are leaps and bounds ahead of the previous ones … Overall I was very pleased with the exam, the questions were generally high quality, so the new process is obviously working!