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NetApp creates innovative storage and data management solutions that boost IT efficiency and flexibility. With the prevalidated FlexPod data center platform, NetApp provides a highly flexible and scalable infrastructure that helps organizations better respond to changing business needs. F5 collaborates with NetApp to provide a unified application and data delivery solution. From users, to applications, to storage, F5 and NetApp optimize the entire application infrastructure to increase application workflow, user productivity, business uptime, and data security.


Build a flexible, scalable, and secure application infrastructure that can easily and quickly respond to changing business needs. F5 can help you get the most from your FlexPod deployment, with more application capacity, faster deployment, and always-on availability. FlexPod provides enterprise organizations with a prevalidated data center platform that integrates compute, storage, and network components into a single, flexible, and easy-to-deploy architecture. F5 solutions complement FlexPod with a focus on optimizing the application. From higher application scale within a FlexPod, to improved application availability and performance, F5 can help you get more from your FlexPod deployment.


Scale further and faster

F5 helps you achieve higher scale-up within a FlexPod, so you can run more applications within the same footprint. In addition, seamless scale-out across multiple FlexPods allows you to rapidly increase your application capacity as your business grows.

Increase availability and performance

FlexPod makes deploying new applications easier than ever. However, you still need to make sure they’re fast and available. With F5, you can keep your applications up and running while maximizing server performance and ensuring fast, uninterrupted access for users.

Respond to changing needs

F5 enables you to dynamically scale your virtual application environment. Shift application resources or provision new servers on demand to increase your application capacity as needed and better respond to changing business needs.

Ensure business continuity

Even the cloud can go down. F5 provides monitoring, geographic distribution, and real-time intelligence to direct traffic to available data centers, ensuring that users have access to the applications and data they need.

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