Automated Advance Bot Protection with F5, Kyndryl and AWS security solutions

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Rapid application updates, third-party APIs and malicious bots all expose your business to risk. Businesses today are managing a balancing act between security and usability to minimize friction, deliver innovation and win in a digital-first world. That is why more and more organizations are looking to cloud-delivered, outcome based, as a Service security solution, to reduce operational complexity and risk, while optimizing the customer experience. Leaders from AWS, F5 and Kyndryl transcend their thoughts and insights on building robust security architecture for your applications and cloud infrastructure.

You will learn the latest techniques that fraudsters use to abuse applications, cause revenue loss and brand damage while bypassing existing security controls. Additionally, we will share real world examples of how companies easily leverage AWS and F5 technology to complement the security posture of your on-premise and cloud hosted applications, even against the most sophisticated attacks.

Join us for this event to:

  • Listen to AWS security leader shares how customers are prone to attacks from bad actors, and use a range of tactics such as relying on human reviewers or deploy costly fraud detection applications to keep up with the ever changing mode of fraud attacks.
  • Learn the functionalities that F5 Distributed Cloud provides advanced bot mitigation, fraud prevention and multi-channel protection through a number of network and AI tools.
  • See how F5 Distributed Cloud provides critical visibility and what real-world mitigation results look like. Go through a live Demo of F5 Application Traffic Insight solution.
  • Kyndryl’s approach to solve the evolving threats on cloud environment, to recognize the importance of the layered security model using cloud security frameworks, automated managed SOC services and methodologies coupled with pointed automated tools, Threat Intelligence and modern playbooks to deal with today’s complex hybrid environment.





Keith Rozario
Senior Solution Architect
Amazon Web Services (AWS)


Ryan Lo
Manager, Solutions Engineering - Distributed Cloud Bot Defense & Risk Management


Prasad Chaudhari
Associate Partner