Articles by Angel Grant

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Published: Nov 23, 2021
To safeguard your customers’ holiday shopping experience and to ensure your business-critical applications remain up and uncompromised, it is essential to secure your apps against common attack types that plague retail and e-commerce businesses during the holiday shopping period. Here are some strategies to help your organization weather the holiday cyberattack storm.
Published: Nov 10, 2021
Companies must be prepared to defeat modern cyberattacks and protect their e-commerce business to ensure a seamless and secure user journey to checkout. Accordingly, organizations should connect their security and fraud solutions and teams to provide real-time monitoring and intelligence that mitigate both human and automated fraud before it impacts the business—without disrupting the customer experience.
Published: Oct 27, 2021
The ability to leverage existing financial services products to build new offerings in spaces like lending, payments, and insurance has made it vastly simpler for consumers to complete transactions, manage their financial lives, and control their personal data. At the same time, open API protocols are driving innovation across financial services, and creating significant revenue streams for financial institutions. But where there’s reward, there’s invariably risk.