Open Banking – Ushering in a new era of growth and innovation


As the state of banking evolves, banks are no longer the sole provider of financial services. This change in dynamics has been pre-conceived by many stalwarts of the industry. Microsoft founder Bill Gates once made this statement “Banking is necessary, banks are not”. We see this becoming true day by day with entities like Fintech companies entering the market with much lesser operating costs and associated banking regulations.

In this webinar-based panel discussion, F5 Networks and Twimbit Pte. Ltd., a tech-driven research and knowledge firm will be sharing the key findings from our recent joint project; research on the State of Open Banking market and trends in the Asia Pacific region.

We invite you to join us as we explore key data points and findings on the State of Open Banking alongside insights shared by our guest speakers.

Key webinar highlights include:

  • Research findings on State of Open Banking
  • Key Open Banking trends in Asia Pacific
  • The biggest benefits and challenges of Open Banking
  • How to build a solid strategy for introducing new products and services



Keiichiro Nozaki
Senior Marketing Evangelist, APCJ


Shahnawaz Backer

Security Solution Architect, APAC


Manoj Menon

Founder and Managing Director, Twimbit

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