BIG-IP Next: Embracing Modern Application Security

Navpreet Gill Thumbnail
Navpreet Gill
Published April 30, 2024

As featured in today’s press release, you’ve now heard about F5 BIG-IP Next, the evolution of the company’s flagship BIG-IP platform.

As Tom Atkins highlights in his recent blog, “…the core tenets for BIG-IP Next are that of simplification, security, and scale.” BIG-IP Next is architected into separate container-based software modules. BIG-IP Next enables quicker setup, more frequent and simpler upgrading and updating, streamlined security management, easy to purchase and manage licenses, and protection for apps anywhere. This new operating model increases performance and enhances scalability, quickly adapting to evolving app security expectations.

The improved speed, efficiency, and simplicity enjoyed by BIG-IP Next delivers an even higher impact on modules that will run on it including BIG-IP Next WAF.

The breakup of the data plane and control plane found in monolithic BIG-IP software into separate container-based software modules in BIG-IP Next, including BIG-IP Next WAF, adapts to ever-changing requirements, and provides better performance and scalability with a smaller footprint to deliver application services and security wherever needed. BIG-IP Next WAF is designed to empower organizations with high security efficacy that’s accomplished via streamlined policy management and the convenience of a unified control interface.

BIG-IP Next WAF is simple, secure, and fast:

  • Simplicity is a crucial aspect of app security, with our advanced capabilities making it easy to identify and mitigate threats efficiently
  • Comprehensive security is critical, and our extensive protection is employed day-one through our ratings-based policy approach, preventing threats before they even start
  • Security should always evolve and being swift in cybersecurity is essential—we enable the capability to simply and quickly deploy frequent upgrades that introduce new security features, and our fast software patches enable you to keep one step ahead of emerging threats

BIG-IP was initially introduced in 2004—so application security is not new to F5. We’ve been helping shape the market for the last two decades. Since releasing BIG-IP Application Security Manager (ASM), F5’s first platformed WAF offering, to the launch of BIG-IP Advanced WAF, which helped revolutionize the app security market, to incorporating the robust, renowned F5 WAF engine into NGINX App Protect WAF and F5 Distributed Cloud WAF, our SaaS-based WAF offering, F5 has been a market leader in this space. BIG-IP Next WAF provides innovative capabilities you may have enjoyed in one of our other WAF solutions, such as common WAF security (including OWASP Top 10 protection, zero-day attacks), L7 DoS mitigation, or powerful bot protection, and much more. In addition, BIG-IP Next also includes F5 Threat Campaigns, F5’s threat intelligence capabilities about active attack campaigns, and F5 IP Intelligence, providing active intelligence on malicious IP addresses.

In addition to the speed, simplicity, and added security the new architecture delivers, and the use cases it addresses, BIG-IP Next’s automation and optimized cloud footprint enable reduced costs for WAF operations. The BIG-IP Next WAF enhances flexibility in securing apps anywhere and maintains consistent security policies across environments (data center, multicloud, hybrid) for a better fit for protecting modern applications.

If you’re interested to learn more about how BIG-IP Next WAF can provide your organization with better integration, quicker security, and reduced operational costs, please take a look at this solution overview. If you’re ready to try out F5’s next generation BIG-IP software, get started with this 30-day BIG-IP Next free trial from MyF5 or contact F5 sales today for more information and register for our upcoming webinar, Optimize Your WAF with BIG-IP Next.