F5 Simplifies Purchasing F5 Security, Container, Analytics, and Networking Services on AWS

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Dave Morrissey
Published January 04, 2023

Since F5’s participation as a launch partner in both the AWS Marketplace Consulting Partner Private Offers (CPPO) and standard Private Offer programs, we have continued to advance our cloud-enabled security solutions to become the trusted provider for protecting applications on AWS. Our relationship with AWS Marketplace Consulting Partners also continues to expand as we offer integrated products and services to fulfill the needs of two critical cloud security categories: Application Security and Online Fraud Prevention.

Application Security

Rapidly innovate without delays for security and network teams to approve as security is integrated into the code pipeline.

Online Fraud Prevention

Purpose-built security tools help thwart attacks and keep data and customers safe with higher efficacy and greater coverage, keeping up with the ever-increasing sophisticated tactics used by bad actors.

The Value of AWS Consulting Partner Private Offers

Under the AWS CPPO program, F5 UNITY+ partners can create private offers with customized pricing, subscription duration, and end-user license terms, with the option to own and maintain the financial and contractual relationship directly with their customers within the AWS Marketplace. They also can provide services to help customers optimize application security and maximize ROI with F5 security solutions on AWS.

Customers that subscribe to a private offer through an F5 Consulting Partner get a streamlined procurement experience:

  • Reliability: Customers work with a trusted and authorized Consulting Partner with direct knowledge of their business, in-depth expertise with F5 solutions, and localized services and support for accelerated success and ongoing continuity.
  • Flexibility: Tap into the power of the AWS Marketplace for the same flexible contract options and friction-free purchase experience with F5 products and related services baked into a single subscription.
  • Affordability: Benefit from negotiated discounts on F5 products, built-in AWS financing options, and the integrated payment scheduler to save money and reduce procurement, operational, and billing overhead.
  • Preference: Take advantage of Marketplace listings, pre-negotiated F5 Flexible Consumption Pricing (FCP), or BYOL subscriptions.

Meet AppSec and Fraud Prevention Requirements

With an F5 subscription through AWS CPPO, customers can effectively address the following scenarios for applications on AWS:

Manage and Secure Apps and APIs

  • Streamline app and API security across multi-cloud and edge environments with automatic API discovery, policy enforcement, and control.
  • Identify shadow APIs and mitigate API threats with zero-trust implementations for legacy and modern apps.

Protect against Malicious Bots

  • Improve visibility and protect against automated, harmful traffic patterns.
  • Eradicate bad traffic that targets user accounts, content scraping, and ad fraud with sophisticated security monitoring and advanced bot defense capabilities.

Mitigate Distributed Denial of Service Attacks

  • Ensure app and infrastructure uptime and reliability.
  • Secure apps from multifarious layer 7 DDoS attacks, maintaining global availability without impact to legitimate users.

Next Steps for F5 Private Offers on AWS

Customers looking for an F5 private offer through AWS should connect with their preferred partner, contact their F5 sales team, or contact our cloud team directly at

Value Added Resellers interested in this opportunity can sign up to become a CPPO partner with AWS Marketplace. Existing F5 UNITY+ partners can visit the F5 Partner Central portal to learn more about presenting F5 private offers to their customers on AWS.