F5 Synthesis: F5 brings Scale and Security to EVO:RAIL Horizon Edition

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Lori MacVittie
Published May 20, 2015

The goal of F5 Synthesis is to deliver the app services that deliver the apps business relies on today for productivity and for profit. That means not just delivering SDAS (Software Defined Application Services)themselves, but delivering them in all the ways IT needs to meet and exceed business expectations.

Sometimes that's in the cloud marketplace and other times it's as a cloud service. Sometimes it's as an integratable on-premise architecture and other times, like now, it's as part of a hyper-converged system. As part of a full stack in a rack, if you will.

EVO:RAIL is a partnership between VMware and Dell that offers a simplified, hyper-converged infrastructure. In a nutshell, it's a single, integrated rack designed to address the headaches often caused by virtual machine sprawl and heterogeneous hypervisor support as well as providing the means by which expanding deployments can be accelerated. Converged infrastructure is increasingly popular as a means to accelerate the deployment and growth  of virtualized solutions such as virtual desktop delivery.


Converged infrastructure solutions like EVO:RAIL abstract compute, network and storage resources from the CPUs, cables controllers and switches that make them all usable as a foundation for private cloud or, as is more often the case, highly virtualized environments. By validating F5 VE (Virtual Edition) to deliver app services in an EVO:RAIL Horizon Edition the infrastructure gains key capabilities to assure availability, security and performance of the applications that will ultimately be deployed and delivered by the infrastructure.

Including F5 brings capabilities critical to seamlessly scaling VMware View by providing Global Namespaceand User Name Persistence support. Additionally, F5 iApps accelerates implementation by operationalizing the deployment of SDAS with simple, menu-driven provisioning.

You can learn more about Dell's VMware EVO:RAIL solution here and more on how F5 and VMware are delivering the Software Defined Data Center here.