Mitigate Sophisticated Bot Attacks on Your Cloudflare Apps with F5 Distributed Cloud Bot Defense

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Edward O'Connell
Published April 12, 2023

The rapid evolution of Internet services in the past few years has pushed Content Delivery Networks (CDNs) to evolve beyond simply serving out content (e.g., files, video) by adding application services. Cloudflare hosts tens of thousands of applications that span a multitude of market segments on its global CDN infrastructure. That global reach of applications has also made Cloudflare, like other CDN vendor hosting apps, a target for a wide range of automated attacks.

Different types of automated bot attacks are impacting digital transactions sites. A recent automated attack on (Taylor Swift concert ticket sales fiasco) has seriously impacted Ticketmaster’s reputation and led to the U.S. Congress interrogating Ticketmaster executives. No organization wants its executives to be confronted by government officials and having to answer tough questions.

Organizations are now able to better protect their applications within the Cloudflare CDN infrastructure from automated bot attacks with the new, easy-to-deploy F5 Distributed Cloud connector to the Cloudflare CDN. This connector enables organizations to use F5 Distributed Cloud (XC) Bot Defense to protect applications on the Cloudflare CDN from a wide range of attacks, such as credential stuffing, account takeover (ATO), inventory hoarding, scraping, and gift card cracking.

Distributed Cloud Bot Defense was named best in class recently by industry analyst group Aite-Novarica. What makes Distributed Cloud Bot Defense unique is its approach to guarding against bots with detection capabilities for a wide range of attacks without relying on user friction-generating tools such as CAPTCHA. Distributed Cloud Bot Defense was also commended for its recognition and handling of good bots as well. Distributed Cloud Bot Defense ensures near zero false positives by combining machine learning with human domain experience to drive strong efficacy.

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