Prevent Fraud by Stifling the Bot Menace with Google Cloud and F5

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Beth McElroy
Published November 20, 2023

Current prevention methods aren’t stopping digital fraud. Organizations lose as much as 5% of their revenue each year to fraud,1 and ecommerce organizations are expected to lose more than $48 billion globally to online payment fraud in 2023.2 Digital fraud saw an 80% spike in 2022 over 2021, with 4.6% of all customer transactions suspected to be fraudulent.3 The sheer volume of fraud makes any reasonable defense a challenge. 

The Escalating Menace of Bad Bots

It’s estimated that up to 40% of all network traffic is bad bot traffic.4 This perpetual bombardment by malicious bots puts security teams on the defensive, straining already resource-strapped teams. Existing bot mitigation tools struggle to detect threats that rapidly retool to evade defenses, and sophisticated attackers may also reverse-engineer security solutions to bypass them.

Not only are bots committing fraud ranging from credential stuffing to web scraping attacks, they’re also clogging traffic for your customers. This puts strain on network resources and adds cost. As organizations continue to migrate to the cloud, better anti-bot solutions are needed for businesses to thrive.

Enhance Cloud Bot Defense with Google Cloud and F5

Google Cloud is foundational for countless modern business applications, and organizations rely upon its robust native security capabilities for volume-focused bot defenses—and you can further augment security posture by using F5 to detect and prevent advanced, highly adaptive attacks. Together Google Cloud and F5 can rapidly identify and neutralize bad bot traffic to improve application performance and resilience.

Foil Large Volumes of Bots with reCAPTCHA

Google reCAPTCHA protects an organization’s digital presence from abusive, high-volume bot activities via its advanced risk analysis engine and adaptive challenges. With over a decade of proven bot mitigation protocols, reCAPTCHA is trusted by over five million sites to protect their data. Powered by risk-based bot algorithms, reCAPTCHA applies continuous machine learning to stop automated attacks while approving valid users. Organizations around the globe use reCAPTCHA to protect their site’s performance and user experience by preventing bots from perpetrating scraping, account takeovers, synthetic accounts, and other debilitating attacks.

Combat Advanced Attacks as Bots Retool with F5 Distributed Cloud Bot Defense

Security teams need more sophisticated bot mitigation that can rapidly adapt to retooling and evasive measures while avoiding locking out and frustrating users. F5 Distributed Cloud Bot Defense empowers organizations to adapt faster than cybercriminals retool. By engaging human domain experts and leveraging advanced artificial intelligence and machine learning, Distributed Cloud Bot Defense ensures sustainable bot prediction models with near-zero false-positive rates. Plus, Distributed Cloud Bot Defense can easily be deployed on Google Cloud using a pre-built connector, enabling organizations to quickly enhance and scale their advanced bot prevention capabilities.

By augmenting Google Cloud security with F5, organizations can block volume-based attacks and quickly react as attackers adapt vectors and tactics. Together Google Cloud and F5 can improve business outcomes by slashing fraud losses, delivering better customer experiences, and maximizing operational efficiencies.

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