Wanted: Your Perspective on the State of Application Services

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Lori MacVittie
Published September 17, 2018

Take the State of Application Services 2019 survey

Yes, you read that right. It’s that time again when we survey the market on the State of Application Services.

No, that’s not a typo. The change in name is deliberate. For the past four years we’ve been filtering our view of the world through the lens of application delivery and the platforms that have long served to host the average sixteen application services you use today to secure and scale applications.

But the world is changing. Applications are dispersing (to the cloud) and decomposing (into microservices). You’re supporting five generations of application architectures, and not all of them are compatible with traditional application delivery approaches. The platforms you use in the data center to support traditional and even virtual architectures aren’t the same ones you want to use in the cloud or to deliver containerized apps. 

That means the focus of application delivery must change, too. That means we’re putting more emphasis on the application services you need rather than on the platforms you use to deliver them.

So we’ve changed the name of our flagship survey to reflect that focus.

We’ve also put our survey on a diet to reduce the amount of time we’re asking you to take to give us your unfiltered, unadulterated opinion on everything from cloud to application services to automation and orchestration. We want to know what frameworks and tools you’re using, what application services you rely on most, and what challenges with security you’re facing. We want to know not only because we need to write a report on it, but because your collective insight will help shape the future of application delivery services.

And hey, if a warm fuzzy feeling from helping us out isn’t enough, we’re also giving away some pretty nice rewards in the form of gift card money (which is different than cash money, because it’s digital) to ten lucky respondents.

If you’re so inclined (and I assume you might be since you read this far) please click on over and take the State of Application Services 2019 survey.

Many thanks. Much appreciated.