5G Security - Solving tomorrow’s problems today


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Service Providers around the world are well into their builds for 5G as we come towards the end of 2021. They are into early customer trials with emerging use cases such as edge computing to start realizing their ROI in infrastructure.

As yet however, a gain in operational efficiency and increased security posture is less evident within these builds. Challenges in managing a container environment, along with controlling access to assets become top of mind.

Watch this interactive session to learn about approaches to security that are highlighted in Release 16 of the 3GPP specifications for 5G:

  • Moving to a centralised approach with a Service Communications Proxy (SCP)
  • Leveraging a service mesh for visibility and control


Shain Singh
Cloud/5G Security Architect, APCJ,


Foo-Bang Chan
Edge Computing Architect, APCJ,