Revisiting Application Architecture: Welcome to the New World of Adaptive Applications

While organisations look to provide value to their customers and partners, delivering those personalised experiences can be very challenging at times for a number of reasons.

Complexity of your app portfolio (a blend of monolithic and microservices and cloud-native architectures), evolving security threats causing disruptions, and lack of visibility into how application traffic is flowing - all limit an organisation’s ability to provide a seamless end-user digital experience.

Therefore, organisations need capabilities where they can:

  • Simplify traditional application delivery and enable modern app delivery at scale
  • Secure every application wherever it’s deployed
  • Use data to unlock the value of insights and automation

F5 in partnership with DynamicCIO, invites you to join for a Webinar Session on “Revisiting Application Architecture: Welcome to the New World of Adaptive Applications”.

Join the webinar to learn more about:

The evolution of modern app architecture, The Adaptive Applications

SaaS platform for visibility, security and insights

Value proposition of F5 (A blend of F5, NGINX and Shape Security)

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Satish Nair
Director of Technology