API Gateway Use Cases for Kubernetes


Two app modernization trends – APIs and Kubernetes – have reached a critical adoption point where many organizations are now seeking to deliver APIs using Kubernetes. As with the containerization of applications, this strategy requires organizations to figure out how to deliver APIs quickly and safely. For traditional applications, the solution is a load balancer or ADC which routes API requests from a client to the appropriate services – in other words, an API gateway. But with Kubernetes come different ways to deliver both apps and APIs, which have in turn spawned two new traffic management tools: the Ingress controller and service mesh. Organizations are left with the question “Which tool should I use to deliver API gateway functionality in Kubernetes?”

In this webinar, we help you answer that question by looking at the unique needs of containerized APIs (and their owners), sharing common use cases that can be solved with Kubernetes tools, and discussing what you can do to modernize your APIs for the Kubernetes era.

In this webinar, we’ll cover:


Why Kubernetes-native tools are the best choice for most API gateway use cases in Kubernetes

Ingress Controller

How an Ingress controller can satisfy most API gateway use cases

When a service mesh is necessary to accomplish API gateway use cases


About the relatively small number of use cases where an API gateway tool is the right option


Brian Ehlert

Brian Ehlert
Director of Product Management

Alan Murphy

Alan Murphy
Sr. Product Manager