Are You Service Mesh Ready? Moving from Consideration to Implementation


At NGINX, we think the question is no longer “Do I have to use a service mesh?” but rather “When will I be ready for a service mesh?” We believe that anyone deploying containers in production and using Kubernetes to orchestrate them has the potential to reach the level of app and infrastructure maturity where a service mesh adds value. But how to do you know when you’re ready or which mesh will be right for your apps? In this webinar, our experts talk about the steps to successfully implementing a service mesh.

In this webinar, we’ll cover:

Whether you're ready for a service mesh

How to choose a mesh that’s right for your apps

The importance of a high‑performance Kubernetes application data plane

How NGINX Service Mesh improves the developer experience


Alan Murphy

Alan Murphy
Sr. Product Manager

Jenn Gilez

Jenn Gile
Head of Product Marketing, NGINX