Best Practices for DevOps-Friendly API Management


As part of their digital transformation initiatives, many enterprises are rapidly adopting as well as publishing APIs for external consumption. DevOps teams play a central role in driving API‑centric solutions. DevOps teams need to quickly prototype APIs in their environments, integrate API development into their workflows, and deliver APIs across a multi‑ or hybrid‑cloud environment.

In this webinar we discuss API management best practices that help DevOps teams accelerate API release velocity. Our presenters also demo how to use the NGINX Controller API Management module to automate deployment and management of APIs and ensure high performance.

In this webinar, we’ll cover:

About key trends in API adoption

5 API management best practices optimized for DevOps success

How NGINX Controller’s API management solution addresses the needs of DevOps teams

With live demos of the NGINX Controller API Management module


Ken Bauernfreund

Ken Bauernfreund
Senior Product Manager

Brian Ehlert

Brian Ehlert
Director of Product Management