Building Your Own CDN: What, When, Why, and How


If you deliver content over the internet to a global audience and care about performance, you're likely using a content delivery network. A content delivery network (CDN) is a popular use case for advertising, media, online gaming, commerce, mobile, healthcare, and even government and education because users can access web pages and apps much faster.

What you may not know is most major CDN providers use NGINX under the hood. Commercial CDN services can be expensive to scale, limited in fine‑grained control and customization, and offer fewer performance optimizations that you actually want. If your enterprise CDN bill is astronomically high, and you need more control and customizations, it's more cost‑effective to build your own. Watch this webinar to learn how!

In this webinar, we’ll cover:

What a CDN is, what it does, and the impact it has on user experience

When it makes sense to evaluate the cost‑effectiveness and practicality of building, managing, and maintaining your own CDN

Why building your own CDN with NGINX on a cloud platform can be a practical alternative to commercial CDNs, and tips on getting started

How one NGINX customer saved $4M in the first year alone, when it replaced a commercial CDN provider with an NGINX Plus deployment


Armand Sultantono

Armand Sultantono
Technical Solutions Architect