Why You Should Choose a Software-Based Load Balancer


Features and functionality are meaningless if applications can’t perform. For companies still relying on hardware‑based application delivery controllers (ADCs) or load balancers, application performance and scalability can be a serious issue. As a result, the IT world is rapidly moving away from dedicated hardware solutions and toward software and virtualization in all areas.

As a software load balancer, NGINX Plus might be the best news your applications – and your business at large – have gotten in a long time. In this webinar we discuss the advantages of building your infrastructure with NGINX Plus.

In this webinar, we’ll cover:

About the pros and cons of the four different types of load balancers

Why hardware appliances are constantly overprovisioned and how software prevents this

How turning on Layer 7 features with hardware load balancers significantly reduces performance

Why a software‑based load balancer like NGINX Plus is the right choice for modern IT infrastructure


Rick Nelson

Rick Nelson
RVP, Solution Engineering