Customer Spotlight: Warpwire Delivers Secure Video and Enables Microservices with NGINX Plus


Warpwire offers its customers a secure video‑streaming solution based on NGINX Plus. Warpwire started off using NGINX Open Source, the world’s most popular web server, as a reverse proxy and for core app delivery. Their experience with NGINX was so positive that NGINX Plus was the natural choice when the Warpwire team started developing a streaming‑media offering.

In this webinar, we’ll cover:

Why NGINX Plus beat out other video‑streaming solutions

How Warpwire deploys NGINX and NGINX Plus in a microservices environment

How Warpwire builds on the streaming‑media delivery capabilities in NGINX Plus

Tips and tricks for smooth and easy deployment and integration


Monte Evans

Monte Evans
CTO, Warpwire