Deep Dive: Automating the Application and Security Pipeline with NGINX and Ansible


According to CNCF, 28% of enterprises have adopted a weekly app release cycle and 27% are releasing app updates every day! Achieving this kind of speed while maintaining the quality consumers expect is possible only with automation. Red Hat Ansible Automation Platform is one of the most popular solutions for this. In this webinar, we cover how together NGINX and Ansible help your teams simplify, accelerate, modernize, and automate cloud native application delivery.


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In this webinar, we’ll cover:

All about the Red Hat Ansible Automation Platform

How NGINX and Ansible work together to deliver apps faster

About using Ansible to manage NGINX Controller for load balancing at the edge

How to use Ansible and NGINX to manage Kubernetes resources


Leif Beaton

Leif Beaton

Mark Boddington

Mark Boddington
Enterprise Solutions Architect

Victor da Costa

Victor da Costa
Principal Technical Business Development, EMEA, Red Hat