F5 PartnerConnex Webinar: End to End Security with the new F5 and its Partners

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Over the past years, F5 has invested in many technologies to deliver applications with security. This has started back in 2004 with the acquisition of Magnifire, to address the Web Application Firewall, problem that customers were starting to face.

Leading the market of Application Security for the past years, it was time to address the new threats.
Modern Application and software transformation was emerging when F5 decided to invest this market, therefore leading to the acquisition of NGINX.

Then came the acquisition of Shape Security, to tackle fraud, and more recently Threat Stack, to address Container Security.

All along these years, F5 has solidified its stance, covering a large set of network security solutions, Online Fraud Prevention, Access & Authorization, Application Security, making sure that applications could be securely delivered.

We would like to invite to see how the portfolio of F5 covers from network security to cloud security, all in a consistent, so you, partners, are better positioned to assist your customers throughout their journey in the Digital Economy with more confidence.




James Tin
Senior Director Solutions Engineering


Laurent Petroque
Director Solution Engineering


James Lee
Solution Architect