F5 Labs Attack Trends for 2021 in Telstra

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F5 Labs threat intelligence private briefing session

Join us for a Telstra customised threat intelligence briefing session, hosted by Malcolm Heath, Senior Threat Researcher, F5 Labs. In this session, we will discuss the latest APAC threat intelligence research and cyberattack trends, specific to Telstra and insights from other regional Service Providers.

Particularly over the past 1-2 years there has been a marked change for an enterprise’s attack surface area. Hear how "Working from home” has changed business practices and the subsequent attack landscape. The research, conducted in conjunction with our partner Effluxio, draws on data from our heavily utilised Security Incident Response Team (SIRT).

We will dive deep into the latest crypto-mining campaigns. We analyse Trojan targets. We monitor bots and hacker marketplaces. We dissect exploits and vulnerabilities. We hunt for the latest malware and detection methods. Then our team of experts will share all that intel with you.

F5 has been leading the application space from delivery to cybersecurity. No one know apps better than us! Our team’s experience, passion about educating the security community will provide you the intel needed to stay informed, so your apps, your customers and your company, can stay one step ahead. If your application, api, device, cloud, gateway is connected to the internet, this time will not be a waste.

During this time, we will highlight specific scanning and incident trends for Telstra, key to helping you as the defender, prepare your corporate defenses against future attacks.



Malcolm Heath
Senior Threat Researcher
F5 Labs