5 Reasons for Software Load Balancing


Hardware-based application delivery controllers – widely known as hardware ADCs – were the standard for deploying applications for many years. Now, the world is changing.

Software –based application delivery platforms, such as NGINX and NGINX Plus, are used by millions of websites and applications. You get the features you need, higher performance, and the flexibility that only software can offer, plus award –winning support, with an immediate cost reduction of 70% or more.

In this webinar, we’ll cover:

How moving to software load balancing helps you cut costs sharply, with the same or greater features and performance

Why only software-based solutions are flexible enough to support changing demands on your application

What you need to know to use a “software ADC” stack across bare metal, the cloud, containers, and more

How tight, contractual caps on throughput found with hardware ADCs hold you back – and how software completely eliminates them


Floyd Smith

Floyd Smith
Director of Content Marketing