High-Availability Content Caching with NGINX


You trust NGINX to be your web server, but did you know it's also a high‑performance content cache? In fact, the world’s most popular CDNs – CloudFlare, Level 3, and MaxCDN among them – are built on top of NGINX Open Source.

NGINX content caching can drastically improve the performance of your applications. We start with basic configuration, then move on to advanced concepts and best practices for architecting high availability and capacity in your application infrastructure.

In this webinar, we’ll cover:

About the key configuration directives for enabling caching

How to reduce CPU utilization with NGINX Plus' microcaching feature for short‑term caching of dynamic content

When to partition your cache across multiple servers for high availability and increased capacity

How to log transactions and troubleshoot your NGINX content cache


Kevin Jones

Kevin Jones
Sr. Product Manager