How to Adopt Infrastructure as Code


Modern applications are increasingly deployed in containers and virtual machines on clusters of dozens, hundreds, and even thousands of servers – in private data centers and in the public cloud. Managing complex applications like these puts more demands than ever on infrastructure and the teams managing it. The traditional ways of manually adding, configuring, and modifying infrastructure no longer scale.

Infrastructure as Code is a new approach to managing IT infrastructure where you treat infrastructure as if it were software and data, using modern tools like version control systems and deployment orchestration. Based on software development and DevOps best practices, Infrastructure as Code makes deployment and infrastructure management more efficient than ever. Anyone who works with IT infrastructure – system administrators, infrastructure engineers, DevOps engineers, architects, software developers, and others – can implement changes more quickly, easily, and reliably.

Join us for this webinar co-hosted by Kief Morris, Cloud Practice Lead at ThoughtWorks and author of Infrastructure as Code, and Floyd Smith of NGINX.

In this webinar, we’ll cover:

Why Infrastructure as Code is a better approach for managing modern infrastructure

Challenges that Infrastructure as Code helps address

Practical examples of using software to control infrastructure


How NGINX Plus can help your Infrastructure as Code efforts


Floyd Smith

Floyd Smith
Director of Content Marketing

Kief Morris

Kief Morris
Author of Infrastructure as Code, ThoughtWorks