How To Build Your Own CDN While Controlling Cost and Quality


Now more than ever, your website is the first touchpoint between your company and your customers. No matter what e-commerce, video sharing, streaming, or OTT platform your business uses, your website is the 24‑hour touchpoint for creating and maintaining trust and engagement among potential customers and partners globally. The rise of on‑demand expectations for faster, better content means that every second matters.

Content delivery network (CDN) services are a key part of this performance, delivery, and user experience. In a recent report on the use of multi‑CDNs, 54.2% of CDN users wanted better performance. Investing in a CDN can go a long way to ensure that your server‑side issues are taken care of. Today, a number of large corporations including Netflix and Time Warner are using NGINX to build their CDNs. Regardless of what platform you’re running, security, scalability, performance, and reliability are pivotal for delivering the best user experience for customers.

In this webinar, we’ll cover:

About the advantages of a private CDN in terms of control, customization, and cost

How to decrease latency and improve performance of your CDN

About the benefits of a CDN to websites and online platforms

How to choose the best CDN solution for your business, based on customer use cases


Micheál Kingston

Micheál Kingston
Solutions Architect