How to Prevent Account Takeover and Protect Your Customers

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Fraud actors have it so easy in the modern app landscape. It is remarkably simple to launch an account takeover campaign against a financial institution without ever tripping an IP reputation list, rate limit, or browser-detecting JavaScript. Smaller-scale financial institutions – and their customers – are at higher risk for these attacks if they don’t have the right resources in place to confront the problem.

Real attacks that hit paydirt use tools that bypass current security controls by successfully impersonating your customers. But F5's financial services customers get results by using solutions that are proven to detect legitimate traffic and deflect even the most sophisticated automation, thwarting the fraud vector before it starts. Join us to learn how.


In this webinar, we’ll cover:

What malicious bots actually do and why attackers use them

Why smaller financial institutions are at high risk

How to prevent automated attacks without an in-house IT army


Justin Hayes
Solutions Engineer