Implementing Holistic Layer 7 App Security with NGINX


Ensuring application security isn’t easy. Securing modern apps – made up of APIs and microservices and deployed across distributed operating environments – is even more difficult. Adding to this already significant challenge is the fact that one of the most common application attacks – denial of service (DoS) – has become harder to defeat. Layer 7 DoS attacks are currently on the rise and often come disguised as legitimate HTTP traffic. As a result, they can evade detection by traditional network security solutions – negatively affecting app performance, the user experience, and ultimately the bottom line. Over 30% of US consumers walk away from a brand they love after a single bad experience, which means the stakes have never been higher. Combating this rising threat requires an advanced, purpose‑built solution that helps modern app teams:

  • Prevent attacks with a dynamic, automated approach that analyzes site and user baseline behavior to detect anomalies
  • Align to DevOps principles, like CI/CD, so that security enforcement doesn't disrupt the application development and deployment pipeline
  • Ensure application security with no performance degradation – even during an attack
  • Build a fully integrated, interoperable app delivery and security platform that reduces complexity

Join this webinar to learn how NGINX’s newest security offering – NGINX App Protect Denial of Service – can help you stop these advanced attacks in their tracks. We also showcase the solution in a live demo and have NGINX security experts available to answer your questions.

In this webinar, we’ll cover:

About the next phase of evolution of a familiar foe threatening the health of your organization’s life blood: its applications

What is driving the marked increase in Layer 7 attacks, why they’re so dangerous, and what they can cost organizations

How the NGINX App Protect Denial of Service solution can help

The answers to your NGINX app security questions


Chris Witeck

Chris Witeck
Director of Product Management

Alessandro Fael Garcia

Alessandro Fael Garcia
Technical Marketing Engineer