NGINX, Istio, and the Move to Microservices and Service Mesh


NGINX is widely known, used, and trusted for a variety of purposes. NGINX works as a reliable, high‑performance web server, reverse proxy server, and load balancer. NGINX is also a widely used microservices hub, an Ingress controller for Kubernetes, and a sidecar proxy in the Istio service mesh.

In this webinar we describe the move to microservices, the crucial role that NGINX has already played, and a range of architectural options that organizations have for their microservices apps, including three progressively complex models in the NGINX Microservices Reference Architecture. We then introduce the emergence of Kubernetes as a container orchestration framework, the use of service mesh architectures, and the design of Istio. We finish by showing how NGINX Open Source and NGINX Plus can be used as the sidecar proxy in an Istio service mesh, bringing greater reliability and capability to your service mesh application.

In this webinar, we’ll cover:

Why NGINX Open Source and NGINX Plus are well-suited for microservices development

How NGINX works as a Kubernetes Ingress controller

Why you should consider a range of options for microservices application architectures

How to use the tools you choose within the Istio service mesh framework


Rob Whiteley

Rob Whiteley
General Manager, NGINX Product Group

Floyd Smith

Floyd Smith
Director of Content Marketing