Istio – The Extensible Service Mesh


With microservices and containers becoming mainstream, container orchestrators provide much of what the cluster (nodes and containers) needs. With container orchestrators' core focus on scheduling, discovery, and health at an infrastructure level, microservices are left with unmet service‑level needs. In this O'Reilly webinar, learn about Istio and its components, capabilities, and extensibility – how it provides for those unmet needs, as well as how it integrates with other open source projects and allows for a choice in proxies and adapters.

Note: In this webinar, Mr. Calcote refers to nginMesh as a service mesh solution for use with Istio. NGINX is no longer developing or supporting nginMesh, which is now sponsored by the community on GitHub. To learn about our current, free service mesh solution, visit NGINX Service Mesh. To learn about F5’s Istio‑based service mesh solution, visit Aspen Mesh.

In this webinar, we’ll cover:

What a service mesh is and how it lets operators define inter-service communication

How the Istio platform helps connect, manage, and secure microservices

How adapters help integrate Istio with monitoring systems and other open source projects


Lee Calcote

Lee Calcote
Sr. Director of Technology Strategy, SolarWinds