Get the Most Out of Kubernetes with NGINX


Many enterprises are adopting Kubernetes at breakneck speed as part of their DevOps‑centric digital transformation initiative. And yet the rise of DevOps in no way reduces the role of NetOps teams, who still have responsibility for the operation of the entire platform and its enterprise‑wide application services. NetOps’s control of these global‑scale services is still vital to deploying stable and secure apps. In fact, where both NetOps and DevOps have an interest in an application service such as ADC or WAF, we often see duplication of that service.

This is not an inefficiency, but rather reflects the differing needs and goals of the parties as they each make use of that service. In this webinar we explore the benefits of duplicating application services inside Kubernetes and look at some well‑established practices for deploying services such as WAF for applications that are running in Kubernetes, including trade‑offs between different options and the criteria that matter most to help you make the best decisions. Our presenters will also provide a demo of how to use NGINX Ingress Controller to provision NGINX App Protect in Red Hat OpenShift.

In this webinar, we’ll cover:


Why and where to duplicate application services, such as load balancers and WAF, both within and outside of Kubernetes

NGINX Ingress Controller

How to use NGINX Ingress Controller to secure, strengthen, and scale your Kubernetes environments

WAF Product

About simplifying and securing your environment by centralizing WAF and JWT authentication at the point of ingress with NGINX Ingress Controller and NGINX App Protect

Solutions and answers to your Kubernetes-related challenges.


Owen Garrett

Owen Garrett
Sr. Director, Product Management

Jenn Gile

Jenn Gile
Head of Product Marketing, NGINX